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  The 2013/2014 academic section has come and gone and those who were successful in gaining admission to study abroad are quitely settling down  
into their various university programs, relieved they have escaped the half-baked education on offer in Nigeria more
Turkey study review
Turkey is presently the "hottest" destination to acquire cheap abroad education without breaking your investments. A major bottle neck for securing admission into undergraduate programs is the common entrance examination which test your turkish language proficiency amongst other things. if you want access to abroad education without paying through your nose, turkey should be No.1 on your list. .
Ukraine study review
Ukraine is the most popular country of choice to study medicine and surgery abroad. It is comparably cheaper than the cost of obtaining a medical degree in Igbinedion University, Okada, Edo State; Nigeria's topmost private university. However, the cost of obtaining a Ukraine student visa has increased greatly in reccent times due to an increasingly high number of applicants.
Caribbean study review
The beautiful and ever charming Caribbean Island of St. Kitts & Nervis is fast becoming a popular destination for obtaining a USA/UK standard medical/nursing degree for a fraction of the cost of obtaining same in the United States and United Kingdom. The most appealing part is that you can complete a medical degree program in three-and-a-half years (3yrs & 4mnths). Moreso, tuition fee is paid per semester.
Georgia study review
This beautiful country in the caucassus is fast becoming a "hot" destination for cheap abroad studies due to the ease of obtaining student visa. Georgia has undergone great modernisation of late by its former pro-wernstern President Mikheli Sakashvilli.
imageGermany study review
Study Bachelor degree in Nursing in Germany: This is a unique program, and upon completion of the program candidate receives Bachelor degree in Nursing and after passing the state exam, would receive German nursing license and the right to take regular work in Germany.


Belarus study review
Not a very popular destination but belarus has been gradually attracting foreign students due to its affordability and ease of access. A new Belarusian Embassy was recently opened in Abuja, Nigeria; making acquiring a student visa a transparent-and-hassle-free process. there is no wildspread reported cases of racism in the country.
Malaysia study review
Now you have it! we bring to you an opportunity to legally and transparently obtain admission and malyasia student visa into Kuala lumpur Metropolitan University College (KLMUC). Call 08130137670 for details.




russia image
Russia study review
Russia Federation has emerged from her dormant years bigger, stronger, better and has taken her rightful place among the league of great nations. The goverment budgeted $11.4 billion to upgrade its university facilities from 2011-2015.
Romania study review
Romania is arguably the cheapest destination to study in the European Union. Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are equally cheap but the absent of an embassy in Nigeria has made them an unattractive choice. For those who want the benefit of having an 'EU'certified degree, this is the most affordable place to get it.


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